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Louise Collage — Work in Progress

If you follow my twitter, you might’ve seen me working on a sizable art project since around… January? February? I decided to do a full collage on canvas of a character I like. I eventually settled on Louise, since I’ve always loved the Zero no Tsukaima official art, Louise has so many fun outfits, and she’s so expressive.

I plan to do a how-to-make blog post once I’m completely done, so for now, you’ll get some in-progress pics!

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WonFes 2018 Winter – Most Anticipated Figures

It’s time for WonFes! I’ve been absolutely blown away this season and eager to be writing again, so I’ll dig right into it.

(Shocking no one, lots of To Love Ru, and some Fate and Zero no Tsukaima under the cut.)

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